The Birth of the Kona Adapter with Mark Frias, RDH : Howard Speaks Podcast #54

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Kona Adapter in the News

Controlling Moisture



Profile in Oral Health – Finding Creativity in Clinical Practice.



Suction Supermod


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Testimonials from real Kona Adapter owners.

“Well, it’s been about a week since I’ve received a few of those Kona Adapters (Isodry knock off) and they’re awesome.   The Kona adapter is simple and works perfectly.”

“ I used the Kona Adapter five times today…unbelievable product.  I initially bought three.  They are so reasonably priced I’m giving one to my brother to try.”

“Hi Mark.  I used my Kona Adapter yesterday for the first time….WOW, WOW, WOW..NEW BALLGAME.  I did #4(DO), #32(MOB), #31 (MODB), #30(DOB), #29(DOB), #28(B), #27(B) #26(B) and #25(B) composites.  I used the Isolite MV adult mouthpiece and it was great.  Suction, bite and tongue retraction was terrific.  My stress level dropped 90% and chair time dropped about 30%.  I’m getting 3 more ASAP.”

“I used mine today…I’ll be throwing out my Isolites.  The suction is a lot stronger on this thing and no water gets past the Isolite mouthpiece.”

“Love the Kona Adapter…Got one in the mail last week and everyone in the office thinks it is very cool.  No need to transport hoses to different rooms for the conventional Isolite.  Just pop on the Kona Adapter and you are ready to rock.  Thanks so much for inventing this wonderful product and at such a reasonable price.  Much appreciated.”

“Used the adapter the day we received it.  My last patient was my boss/DDS. We were both impressed with the ease of use.  No moving/connecting hoses :).  He had a comfortable appointment and liked that the adapter didn’t press on his cheek.  Thanks!  You have two new fans!”